PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
PBIS is a multi-tiered framework, created by Grover Heights, for Grover Heights, and uses data to drive decisions. It establishes the social culture and behavioral supports needed for our school to achieve behavioral, social-emotional, AND academic outcomes for all students. 
The main components our year one implementation include: 
- A set of clearly defined expectations, both school wide and in individual classrooms: We refer to this document as our ROAR matrix (see below). Students are directly taught these behaviors, and we expect students to conduct themselves in a Responsible, On-Task, Accepting, and Respectful manner in any location at school. Your child's classroom has its own matrix as well. 
- PBIS rewards: our system for recognizing and rewarding ROAR behaviors. Students earn ROAR points for exhibiting ROAR behaviors. They can redeem those points in our school store and/or their own teacher's store (accessible through the Clever app). 
- A clear, transparent discipline process for managing undesirable behaviors: These behaviors are categorized by "minor" and "major" behaviors, which are clearly defined on our "Grover Heights Behavior Definitions" chart, and explained to students. The process for managing and dealing with undesirable behaviors depends on the type of behavior. Profanity is not acceptable at school, and will be managed according to a different process.