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Hello! Welcome to the Grover Heights PTA webpage!!
PTA stands for Parent-Teacher Association. The PTA helps the school by organizing fundraisers and events for students, staff and families. Supporting Grover Heights and our wonderful students is our goal and mission. The PTA also supports teachers by reimbursing for instructional supplies and Grover Heights by helping to purchase equipment for the school.  Parents, family members and students are encouraged to be members of the PTA to increase support and friendship within the Grover Heights School community.
School events are bigger and better when we have volunteers and helpers. Do you have a talent that could help us at an event? Perhaps you are artistic and can help make a sign for our Christmas Parade Float! Do you have a business that could help with an event and be promoted at the same time? Let us know and we will be thrilled to work with you! Volunteers working around students do need to be fingerprinted through the Lucia Mar School District but our PTA is happy to reimburse you for that fee. 
We welcome all of Grover Heights to our monthly meetings and PTA members can vote to help make decisions on school events and budgeting. Membership to the PTA is $10.00 per person per school year if paid by cash or check in the school office. Online membership has a $1 fee and costs $11.00 per school year through Totem PTA Membership. Link here:
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PTA Board Members for the 2023-2024 year: 
  • President: Joey Morales, parent
  • Vice President: Chyanna Karshner, parent 
  • Secretary: Melanie Knowlton, parent
  • Treasurer: Rebecca Osumi, teacher
  • Auditor: Krista Jeffries, parent
  • PTA/GH Staff Liaison: Gary Gonzalez, teacher
If you are interested in becoming a board member in the future, please let us know! We are happy to have new members and participation in board meetings and school events.
Reach out to the PTA with any questions at [email protected]